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CC6 has made gratifying achievements in new energy in Indonesia

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March 1st, 2022

Recently, Indonesia Lygend OBI Nickel-Cobalt Project and Huayue Nickel-Cobalt Project construction by CC6 have been launched into production one after another. The projects refining nickel-cobalt hydroxide from laterite ore, which can be widely used in new energy automobile batteries, providing strong material supply guarantee for the development of Indonesia's new energy industry.

CC6 has overcome various unfavorable factors such as city closure, suspension of entry visas, suspension of construction, shortage of personnel, inconvenient procurement of materials and restricted logistics, etc. caused by COVID-19, through the hard work of more than 3,000 employees, CC6 has set a new industry record for the shortest construction period, the most stable production and the fastest achievement of production standards in the world for laterite nickel ore wet smelting. At the same time, the project management team employed about 2,000 employees from the host country and third countries, indirectly providing 5,000 jobs, and introduced the traditional Chinese "teaching-helping-leading" to the construction site in Indonesia,opening language and skill training courses for many times, training about 3,000 skilled local workers.

Adi, an Indonesian employee of the project, said that at the worst time of COVID-19, no one lost their job and no one was paid less than they should have been. The company also often participates in activities such as local volunteerism and anti-epidemic, showing the responsible image and commitment of Chinese enterprises and interpreting the concept of Community with a Shared Future with actions.

The project adopts China's independently developed laterite ore wet smelting technology, which crossing two industries, smelting and chemical, and has higher construction difficulty compared with traditional smelting. According to Zhang Jinlin, the manager of Indonesia Branch, CC6 is the earliest company in the chemical construction industry to get involved in the wet metallurgy construction technology, and since entered the site, it has adhered to the basic requirements of "advanced technology and excellent quality" and used the concept of extreme craftsmanship to do the construction details. The company has successfully installed a single equipment weighing 850 tons - autoclave, the landmark building up to 130 meters - chimney stack, and achieved 100% welding pass rate for special materials such as super duplex steel and nickel-based alloy.