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CC6 won four "Chemical Industry Quality Engineering" awards

Date Issued:2021-11-29 Page View:

November 3rd


According to the "Notice on the Announcement of the Results of the Activity of Improving Engineering Quality and Creating Chemical Quality Engineering" issued by China National Association of Chemical Construction Enterprises on October 30, 2021, four projects of CC6 were awarded "Chemical Industry Quality Engineering".

The four projects are the 2.2 Million t/y Methanol Work of Coke Gasification to 600,000 t/y Olefin Project of Ningxia Baofeng Energy Group Co., Ltd, the 50,000 m3/h Air Separation Project of Shanxi Jing Steel Smart Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd, the 300,000 t/y Styrene Project of Tangshan Xuyang Aromatic Products Co., Ltd, and the Industrial Gas Island Project of Guangxi Huayi Energy Chemical Co., Ltd.