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HSE Philosophy

Starting  from Zero, Striving for Zero

Safety Policy: Safety First, Prevention  Crucial, Comprehensive Management, andContinuous Improvement.

Safety Objective: Zero Accident, Zero Injury,  Zero Pollution, Zero Occupational Disease.

Implementation Principles: Strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations of the country and region wherethe  project is located, implement the standards and requirements stipulated in  the projectcontract, allocate resources, ensure process control, and meet  compliance obligations.

Safety Values: People-oriented, Caring for Life, Safe Development.

Safety Mission: Being duty-bound for safe and healthy development.

Environment  protection

Green construction, create environment-friendly projects

Eliminate backward construction equipment, select construction equipment with advanced technology and low energy consumption, and promote the use of new energy-saving equipment.

Develop construction technology and methods patents

Occupational health

Safety Production Management Department; Work Union; HR Department; Branches & Subsidiaries, PMTs

Implement national laws, regulations and standards. Carry out occupational health training and education. Organize employee occupational health examinations and establish employee health  files.

Regular occupational health inspections, monitoring and prevention of occupational hazards, investigation and handling of occupational health accidents.

Occupational disease patients who are not suitable for continuing their original work should be transferred from their original positions and properly placed.

Management of occupational diseases of retired employees.

PPE, supervisionon the use of PPE.