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PKG Synthetic Ammonia & Urea Project

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 CountryProject nameClientEPC contractorWork scopeDurationProject description
IndonesiaPKG Synthetic Ammonia & Urea ProjectPT. Petro Kima Gresik CompanyWuhuan Engineering Co., Ltd.General construction contractor of urea plant2015.11-2017.06The world's top level of the production capacity of a single set of synthetic ammonia. The project faces difficulties such as ultra-short construction period, limited operation space, harsh natural conditions for construction, complex external environment, large scale of equipment, and high technical requirements. The construction period of other similar projects in Indonesia is more than 48 months. Whereas, this project took only 33 months to achieve the mechanical completion, 38 months to launch the whole process to produce qualified urea, and 40 months to pass the performance assessment, creating a miracle in the history of synthetic ammonia and urea project construction. This project broke the market monopoly of the European, American and Japanese engineering companies in the synthetic ammonia industry for nearly 50 years, and achieved a breakthrough for Chinese companies in the Indonesian high-end fertilizer engineering market. It also has explored a new management model suitable for the construction environment in Indonesia.