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CC6 Signed the Main Plant Installation Contract of Belarus Slav Potash Fertilizer Project

Date Issued:2020-06-12 Page View:

On June 12, CC6 signed the main plant installation contract of Belarus Slav Potash Fertilizer Project with CITIC Construction Co., Ltd. Mr. Chen Xiaojia, President of CITIC Construction Co., Ltd., and Mr. Hu Erfu, President and General Manager of CC6, Mr. Yang Kaihua, Deputy General Manager of CC6, attended the signing ceremony.

The project is located in Lyuban, Minsk region, Belarus. It is another in-depth cooperation between CC6 and CITIC Construction Co., Ltd. after the 200,000 t/y Potash Fertilizer Project in Uzbekistan. The scope of work includes the architectural structure, utilities of the main plant, equipment installation, training and commissioning assistance, etc. Belarus is one of the largest potash fertilizer exporters in the world, and its domestic potash business accounts for about 75-80% of the total output capacity of fertilizer. This project is the largest industrial project in the country so far. Belarus is a market newly developed by CC6.