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Design Model Review Meeting of Huayue Nickel-Cobalt Project

Date Issued:2020-09-07 Page View:

From July 2nd to 3rd, design model review meeting was held for the first overseas EPC project of CC6 - Huayue Nickel-Cobalt Project 3 * 800kt/a Sulfur Acid Plant. Representatives from CC6, PT. HUAYUE NICKEL COBALT, CERE, YDIC, CISDI and the supervising company attended the meeting.

The meeting mainly reviewed and discussed the project model. At present, the project acid plant is basically finalized in various aspects such as process design, equipment piping layout, and electrical equipment layout, marking a substantial step in the design of the entire project.

During the meeting process, Mr. Yang Kaihua, Deputy General Manager of CC6, first thanked the Owner for their care and protection of our workers, and for their trust in CC6. As the EPC contractor, CC6 has always utilized the company's scientific management concepts to do a good job with a high sense of urgency and responsibility. CC6 will further strengthen the cooperation with the Owner and the design company, eliminate all difficulties and deliver an excellent project.

At the meeting, the design directors of each main unit made a design presentation. All parties stated that they will exchange summaries in time after the meeting, sort out and optimize the design plan, and accelerate the key tasks of the project.

During the meeting, all attendees visited the Exhibition Hall of CC6, learned more about our development history, historical performance, management philosophy, patent achievements, etc.