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CC6 Builds a Strong Defense against Covid-19 Outbreak in Indonesia

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With the increasingly severe situation of coronavirus outbreak worldwide, all countries are faced with increasingly severe epidemic prevention pressures, which also pose a huge test for our company's overseas projects. CC6 currently has three on-going projects in Indonesia, namely 3,500,000 t/y steel project for PT. Dexin Steel Indonesia (Dexin project), OBI Nickel Cobalt Project (OBI project) and HUAYUE Cobalt Nickel Project (Huayue project). During the Chinese New Year Festival, more than 260 Chinese employees still stuck to the front line of construction. In face of the outbreak, PT.THE SIXTH CHEMICAL ENIGNEERING CONSTRUCTION (Indonesia branch of CC6) took multiple measures aiming at epidemic prevention and control on one hand and construction on the other, to ensure the safety of workers and progress of construction.

Establish epidemic prevention and emergency response system at all levels

On January 27, Indonesia branch set up an epidemic prevention and control leading group to guide domestic and site epidemic prevention and control work. At the same time, according to the situation in Indonesia, an emergency plan was prepared, and specific prevention and control measures were issued, requiring the establishment of the concept of "employees’ safety is above all" during the outbreak. According to the requirements, each project management team set up an "outbreak emergency leading group". Thus we form a three-level emergency response mechanism from the headquarters to branches and project sites. At the end of January and start of February, Indonesia branch procured a number of epidemic prevention goods and materials and strengthened personnel management.

Strengthen the organization, leadership and unified command of projects

Considering the serious outbreak in China, the Indonesian government decided to limit Chinese immigration from February 5. Having received the news, Indonesia branch deployed the Deputy Manager Mr. Zhou Xiangdong immediately to the site to establish site management committee and direct the construction and epidemic prevention work of Dexin project and OBI project in the Tsingshan Industrial Park. Since then, both areas where the projects are located were equipped with a member of the top management staff of Indonesia branch to guarantee the rapid delivery of instructions.

Strengthen the deployment of personnel and materials to ensure work

Since the personnel in Indonesia could not leave the country while Chinese personnel could not get in, Indonesia branch introduced 29 Vietnamese welders to alleviate the lack of construction power. Some workforce on Dexin project was mobilized to Huayue project to guarantee the commencement of the project. Indonesia branch also asked the projects in a timely manner to appease staff and to take measures on visa expiration and application. The material procurement staff worked from home, using the online bidding and other means, to boost the shipping of materials and ensure the supply of construction materials. The adoption of various measures has ensured the order of the construction on the three projects. Our work has been highly recognized by the owners.

Strict on-site closed management, integrated prevention and control

With the changing situation in Indonesia, from the beginning of March, Indonesia branch held several management staff meetings to make arrangements of on-site epidemic prevention work. The project sites began to implement strict closed management in living area, monitored the body temperature, required health status daily report, and strengthened the disinfecting work of canteens and living areas. In addition to ensuring the reserve of epidemic prevention materials, we also actively improved the recipe, increased the salary subsidies for Indonesian personnel to stabilize the foreign workforce.

Take advantages of the ideological and political work of the CPC committee and motivate the employees

With the continuous spread of the outbreak, panic occurred to varying degrees among some employees on the sites. Indonesia branch called on all CPC members and management staff to pay special attention to the ideological and political work of on-site employees during the epidemic prevention period, to promote scientific epidemic prevention knowledge, and to take rational epidemic prevention measures. Under the abovementioned instructions, all project management teams succeeded to appease workers with all kinds of talk, explaining the relevant policies and regulations of CC6 and CNCEC, and the epidemic prevention and control measures adopted in China and Indonesia. We also tried to find out the needs of all Chinese management personnel and construction workers and solved their worries accordingly. The CPC committee of Indonesia branch purchased goods from China to alleviate the employees’ homesickness, visited the families of those who could not return home, organized video meetings and conducted medical consultations for overseas personnel.

The effective implementation of a series of measures basically guaranteed the stability of the project personnel and construction work of Indonesia branch. At present, Indonesia branch has sufficient material reserves and construction workforce of 263 Chinese management and construction personnel, 262 Indonesian management and construction personnel, and 29 Vietnamese construction personnel. The personnel are in stable mood without any abnormal health problem. The total construction output value of the three projects in the first quarter is about 3.7 million USD. 

The Covid-19 outbreak is a global public medical and health incident and a big test for overseas project management capabilities. But we believe that, with the precious experience of China and the strong support from CPC, the Chinese government and CNCEC, we will be able to defeat this outbreak and embrace a better tomorrow of health and rapid development in Indonesia!