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Successful Hoisting in Position of Core Equipment of Indonesia Lygend OBI Nickel-Cobalt Project

Date Issued:2020-07-13 Page View:

On July 13, 2 core equipment of Autoclave feed pumps of Indonesia Lygend OBI Nickel-Cobalt Project undertaken by CC6 was successfully hoisted in position.

Located in OBI Island, North Maluku Province, Indonesia, the project is invested and constructed by a joint venture company composed of Ningbo Lygend and Indonesia Hallida Group. The project makes use of rich laterite nickel resources and hydrometallurgical technology on OBI Island, Indonesia. After the project is put into operation, the annual output of nickel cobalt intermediate products is about 240,000 tons.  The product is applied to the battery anode material of new energy vehicles.

Due to the Covid-19, the construction progress is affected by the the shortage of manpower. CC6 and the Owner strictly control the construction site, implement epidemic prevention measures, reserve a large number of epidemic prevention materials, and actively carry out work of heart-to-heart talks, "one-to-one" assistance. At present, there are no confirmed or suspected cases on site, and the employees are in stable mood and have normal production and life.

Although the Indonesia OBI Nickel-Cobalt Project Department is far away from China, all staff of the project department are confident in winning the two tough battles of epidemic prevention and construction, and in contributing to the "One Belt and One Road" initiative.六化建印尼力勤OBI镍钴项目核心设备吊装成功.jpg