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Successful commissioning of the largest motor of Air Separation and Air Compression Project of Lianyungang Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

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On January 26, the air compressor of No. 2 air separation plant, the largest motor of the air separation and air compression project of Lianyungang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 1.35 million tons of PE, 219 tons of EOE and 260,000 tons of ACN combined plant project which was constructed by the first branch of CC6. succeed in first test.


Lianyungang Petrochemical Project is located in the Petrochemical Industry Base of Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, and adopts the most advanced production technology in the world. CC6 is responsible for the project's annual output of 1,350,000 tons of PE, 2,190,000 million tons of EoE and 260,000 tons of CAN combined plant installation works, etc. The main role of the air separation and air separation plant is to provide the oxygen and nitrogen required by the various units of the project.