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Shenhua 60,000 t/y POM Project

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Award2012-2013 National Quality Project Award
ClientNingxia Coal Industry Co., Ltd.
EPC ContractorWuhuan Engineering Co., Ltd.
Project DescriptionIt set the record of single unit design, overall design and production capacity of such plants in Asia at that time. This project uses the copolymerization method to produce POM, which has the characteristics of high thermal stability, strong processing performance, continuous operation, high product purity, low consumption, etc. The processing characteristics and mechanical performance of the products have reached the world's advanced level. No solid waste in production, and emissions are in line with standard values.
Work ScopeBuilding, equipment, piping, E & I installation, single test, commissioning and testing until mechanical completion and acceptance of formaldehyde manufacturing, paraformaldehyde, formaldehyde concentration, dioxane joint plant and intermediate tank area.